Etikettarkiv: Carbon bisulfide

Carbon Disulfide – CS2 Intro


Carbon Disulfide – CS2, was discovered in 1796 Lampadius.  Carbon Disulfid can cause bizarre light-narcosis behavior with changes in personality, the earliest notations dates back in the 1800 century. (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) The knowledge if CS2 is limited and some of it´s action have been hypothesized.

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Carbon Disulfide is potent enought to cause a rapid and robust paranoia

And some very basement breaking precipitating events

Carbon Disulfide is a rapid anesthetic with narcotic effects causing Hallucinations.

Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine: June 1961 – Volume 3 – Issue 6 – ppg 302-308


Alcohol of sulfur
Carbon bisulfide
Carbon bisulfuret
Carbon sulfide
Dithiocarbonic anhydride
Sulfocarbonic anhydride
Molecular Weight:
76.1407  g/mol
MonoIsotopic Mass:
Toxicogenomics: CS2


Kol Disulfid eller Kolsvavla som är det gamla Svenska namnet på ämnet kan skapa en hel del bisarra beteenden där manodeppressiva inslag kan förekomma tillsammans med paranoida yttringar av otvetydig karaktär.